5 Best Dog Groomers to Follow on Instagram

Dog Groomers With Irresistible Social Media Streams

Depending on which dog you ask, a trip to even the best dog groomers can either be as relaxing as a human spa day, or a horrifying ordeal. If your pooch falls on the latter side, maybe sharing the experiences of other furry friends at these top-rated dog grooming spa Instagram accounts could change their minds (and if not, we’re sure a couple handfuls of treats will)!

Social media is one of the best dog technologies to help us discover new dog service providers. Since we like to celebrate pet services that make great use of technology, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite dog grooming Instagram accounts.

Our Top Dog Groomer Picks

Jess Rona Grooming

This groomer to the stars (clients include Katy Perry, Ruby Rose, and Zoey Deschanel) has a signature post format of showing off her handiwork with dramatic slow-mo videos–in fact, her camera eye is so good she was tabbed to direct a music video for pop rock artists Teagan and Sara.

The highlights of Jess Rona’s account are definitely the 80’s music video-worthy blowdrying sessions. This is mixed with a few good old before-and-afters and plenty of fun, goofy posing. A few of her clients are even famous in their own right, including Balki, the tri-pawed Havanese with almost 50,000 followers.

Jess will have you and your pup thinking that fame would be worth it just for the five-star treatment at her spa. In fact, Allure Magazine called her Instagram “the best of all time”–which is definitely saying something. Check her out today for a little taste of the good life!

Yoriko Hamachiyo

Can dog grooming be art? Following this unique account might make you think so! Her unique style of transforming dogs into almost perfectly round, cartoonish balls of fluff, like a living topiary, is surreal, culturally unique, and most of all, fun!

On top of that, Yoriko has some very legitimate pet care skills, judging from the before and after pictures (not that her clients weren’t cute before, just in need of a split end treatment). Her one-of-a-kind style is clearly influenced by anime and Pokemon, so fans of those should be particularly interested.

Note that the captions are in Japanese, but the pictures are so great you won’t even notice. If you’re looking for an account that combines your love of zen eastern philosophy with really cute dogs, Yoriko Hamachiyo is a must-follow.

Mehmet Gunes

There are pet groomers, and there are pet stylists. Mehmet is definitely a stylist! Plying his trade on the Mediterranean coast, his page is full of well-groomed pups that seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves in his shop…excuse me, I mean studio. His videos are accompanied by a soothing classical music soundtrack, and the rhythmic clipping and brushing turns watching these videos into an ASMR-like experience.

Coupled with the blissed-out looking dogs that Mehmet is doing the work on, it’s a uniquely calming break in the day. And, if you’re not a dog lover (then why are you reading this article?) he has clips featuring cats and even a few guinea pigs–literally, not as in test subjects.

Stylish Pooch

Stylish Pooch puts the “creative” in “creative dog groomer”. Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, this enterprising and talented groomer specializes in one-of-a-kind, head turning looks for pets like mohawks and bright color. On top of that, she does it all out of a mobile facility! Scroll through for plenty of pics of pups with everything from basic trims to full makeovers to competition-caliber color jobs, with big smiles on their faces!

Our personal favorite is the colorful Pomeranian in the snippet above, who we can only assume is named something like “Skittles”. If that’s your thing, she’s a must follow. Even better, if you happen to be local to the Philly area, she regularly runs special discount codes on her account.

Groomers on the Green

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Coconut and her sidekick…

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We talked earlier in the article about dog grooming as art. These groomers make art out of dog grooming—literally. Using the leftover clippings from grooming sessions, they arrange them into sculptures, with the signature posts being dogs posing next to miniature dopplegangers made of their own fur. This account would be worth the follow for that alone, but the quality of their work (and adorability of their clientele) is a nice bonus.

Can We Hear Your Thoughts?

Do you have any great local dog grooming shops with an underrated social media presence that people should follow? We would love to hear about them. You never know—adding them below in the comments could be their big break!

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