50 Awesome Geeky Cat Names

Cool Geeky Cat Names for Tech Nerds

Technie Cat wants a Geeky Cat Names

There’s something about cat owner’s personalities that fits with the tech industry. Silicon Alley may be famous for entrepreneurs who bring their dogs to work, but we know the truth. Every tech center is swarming with tech engineers programming late into the night with the help of their cat. All those memes about cats with laptops came from somewhere. Yup, techies love cats which makes geeky cat names an important topic of conversation.

For some reason, lists of awesome tech-oriented names seem to be a little bit harder to come by for felines than canines. But we can fix that. We’ve come up with a list of geeky cat names for both male and female cats that have a unique appeal for the techie/sci-fi crowd.

25 Geeky Cat Names for Male Cats

  • Solo: As in Han. Great name for a solitary cat who likes to roam!
  • Crookshanks: Hermione Granger’s cat in the Harry Potter series
  • Hawking: As in Stephen, famous physicist.
  • Isaac: As in Newton, who taught us everything about physics.
  • Jean-Luc: As in Picard, captain of the Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Ray: As in Kurzweil, famous technologist, but works for a Ghostbusters reference too
  • Woz: Short for Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple
  • Jobs: As in Steve, of course
  • Bug: (so you can say that’s a feature when he’s acting crazy.)
  • Data: On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Data was the ship’s android, sort of a precursor to an AI co-pilot for the human crew
  • Dexter: For the main character on Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Watson: As in James Watson, who discovered DNA
  • Jonesy: (the cat from Alien!)
  • Hal: The sentient computer in 2001: A Space Oddysey
  • Node: Computing term for a part of a larger network
  • Frink: The wacky professor on The Simpsons
  • Cisco: As in systems
  • Faraday: For Michael Faraday, famous for his discoveries regarding electrical current
  • Chip: As in micro-
  • All Ball: This is what Koko, the famous gorilla who learned sign language, named her foster cat!
  • Richard Parker: The tiger from Life of Pi
  • Frodo: From Lord of the Rings, another great name for a cat who likes to go off on adventures
  • Pascal: For Blaise Pascal, early mathematician/physicist/inventor
  • Sagan: For Carl Sagan, legendary astronomer and futurist

25 Geeky Cat Names for Female Cats

  • Angel: As in investor
  • Selina: for Selina Kyle, real name of Catwoman in Batman comics
  • Veesee: (pronounced like VC, short for venture capital)
  • Trillian: Main female protagonist of The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • Babs: Short for Babbage, as in Charles, who originated the concept of a programmable computer.
  • Galadriel: The most powerful witch in the Lord of the Rings series
  • Java: The most widely-known computer script system
  • Ripley: Famously played by Sigourney Weaver, the heroine of the Alien movie franchise
  • Grace: As in Grace Hopper, a pioneer of computer programming (and Rear Admiral in the US Navy!)
  • Sabrina: As in The Teenage Witch
  • Miranda: As in Lawson, heroine in the Mass Effect video game series
  • Katherine: For Katherine Johnson, NASA physicist whose calculations were so famously accurate that they had her double-check flight paths generated by their computers
  • Leeloo: Mila Jovovich’s otherworldly heroine in sci-fi classic The Fifth Element
  • Marissa: For Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo
  • Madeleine: As in L’Engle, famous sci-fi/fantasy author
  • Ellie: Ellie Sadler, heroine of Jurrasic Park
  • Pixel: As in a piece of a computerized image. Perfect for an adorable little cat.
  • Marie: As in Curie, discoverer of radiation
  • Siri: Like Apple’s AI assistant, except a cat is much less likely to do what you say.
  • Cortana: Originally the AI sidekick in the Halo video game franchise, Microsoft eventually named their equivalent of Siri after her.
  • Samus (Sam for short): Heroine of the old-school Nintendo classic Metroid
  • Akira: Classic Japanese sci-fi anime film
  • KATniss: (get it?!)
  • Xena: The one and only warrior princess

Of course, if you want to be funny on a quantum level, there’s always Schrodinger.

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