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Barkytech.com is digital magazine focused on pettech information, reviews and trends that help tech-savvy pet owners optimize their pets’ digital lives. We cover doggytech, kittytech, birdytech, bunnytech, and more. From petcare apps to pet gadgets to the latest digital pet services, Barkytech covers all the must-have pettech and pet technology.

Barkytech covers the following categories:

  • Pet gadgets such as smart pet toys
  • Digital vet/Pet health
  • Pet E-commerce
  • Pet subscription services
  • Mobile apps for pet owners
  • Pet cameras
  • Pet wearables
  • Electronic pet feeders and treat dispensers
  • Online booking for pet services

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    • As of February 2019, we are particularly interested in the following types of articles: pettech how to, personal story narratives about you and your pet using pet technology, articles from vets about their vettech experiences, photos of pets enjoying pet gadgets.
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Barkytech is owned Allie Tech Media, LLC and is headquartered in New York City with a regional office in Los Angeles.