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More pettech products and digital pet services for birds, rabbits, hamsters, horses, reptiles, and more

Modern Home Decor with Pet Technology

How can pet technology fit into your home décor?

ith each new technology that emerges, we’re faced with the challenge of integrating it into the visual fabric of our lives. Do you face a similar challenge with pet technology home décor choices for your home?
rabbit opens his bunny subscription box

Buying Guide: 5 Best Bunny Subscription Boxes

Bunny subscription boxes are a great way to explore samples of new products that your bunny might enjoy without breaking the bank. Bunny subscription boxes deliver a few treats and toys each month to keep your bunny's environment stimulating and interesting with new treats and toys. It's tons of fun to get a new package of goodies to open each month. Here are the 6 best pet subscription boxes for rabbits.
Woman gives horse an equestrian subscription box

Buying Guide: 8 Best Equestrian Subscription Boxes

If you want to try out new equestrian products to find out which ones will work well for your horse and are up to your high standards, equestrian subscription boxes are a great option.. Here are the 8 best subscription boxes for horse lovers.
Dog adopted from animal shelter

B2B Pettech: Animal Shelter Management Software

The software category of pettech continues to expand rapidly. Here's our comprehesive list of options for animal shelter management software.
Pettech pet technology

The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Pet Technology

Pettech is a term that was previously used only by geeky technologists and venture capitalists. Now, pettech is moving mainstream. Here, we’ve captured a roundup of everything you need to know about this hot new category.
Animal Shelter uses software to get dog adopted

3 Ways Animal Organizations Are Using Pet Technology

While there are many types of pettech software that consumers can use to care for their pets, did you know that animal rescue organizations are also using pet software services to help them achieve their missions more efficiently?

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