Can the Pet Acoustics Soundproof Beds Help Calm Your Anxious Cat?

A look at these unique cat calming products

Some cats are naturally tense and anxious overall, while others save their freak-out for a vet visit or car trip. This leaves many cat owners wondering how to calm their anxious cat in stressful situations. For example, traveling with a cat can bring unique challenges to your vacation. Dog owners often trained their dogs early as puppies, but cat owners rarely think of travel training their cat. So how do you travel-proof your feline friend and make sure you have a nice trip free from cat anxiety?

One of the most interesting product lines on the market is from Pet Acoustics. The Pet Acoustics line of soundproof products reduce vibration to help calm your anxious cat. It can make traveling easy and (dare we say) fun for both your animal and you.

What is Pet Acoustics’ Safe & Sound line?

Cats frequently suffer from anxiety in loud environments due to the vibrations sound causes. Visiting your veterinarian, routine changes, home repairs or moving to a new home are all instances that can cause anxiety in cats. Even the most confident of cats can become upset, meow, tremble or urinate from unexpected loud noises or vibrations. And, there’s always sensitive cats that become neurotic from the regular day-to-day activities of a busy, active household.

The Pet Acoustics Safe & Sound line of cat products are comfortable layers of sound absorption that act as a bed for cats. When your cat sits on the layer, it stops the vibrations and has a noise dampening effect.

What’s nice about the Pet Acoustics cat calming products, is that they can be integrated into your cat’s existing sleeping spots and carriers. And, unlike herbal calming supplements and cat pheremone diffusers, you don’t have to remember to administer or replenish them.

What are the key features of these cat calming products?

The following are the key features of all three of these Pet Acoustics cat calming products:

  • Provides a calm comfortable safe spot for your cat to sit
  • Made with patented sound absorbing material
  • Internal scratch-resistant and durable micro suede
  • External wipe clean surface

Pet Acoustics Safe & Sound product line

  • The Safe & Sound Cat Crate Liner alleviates cat stress and cat travel fear. It reduces motion and vibrations to calm your cats and provide comfort during traveling. Most cats never leave their home, so just taking them out can cause them a lot of anxiety. Even a simple trip to your vet can make your cat so anxious that they vomit after a few minutes. Only a small percentage of cats will curl up content and fall asleep when they travel. The Safe & Sound Cat Crate Liner is designed to go inside your existing cat carrier and reduce external noises and vibrations. The size works well for cat carriers at 18 inches × 9 inches × 1 inch with a weight of 13 oz. It is 100 percent waterproof (in case of accidents) and wipes clean with an antiseptic.
  • The Safe & Sound Pet Bed is a designed to reduce floor vibrations at home. Cats are the ultimate pet for apartment owners because they can be kept indoors. But many city apartments are plagued with the rumble of subway systems or loud traffic that can be irritating to a cat’s sensitive auditory system. The Safe & Sound Pet bed is designed to appeal to your cat instinct to sleep safely. The calming cat bed includes a side pocket available to insert the company’s Pet Tunes calming music for cats speaker, which is sold separately.
  • The Safe & Sound Cat Tunnel is a square tube that provides a stress reducing sonic safety zone at home or in hotel accommodation. This tough micro suede interior and a layered soundproof exterior create the ideal dark and quiet hiding spot for your cat acoustic sensitivities. Even though its rectangular shape could fit inside a cat carrier, don’t use the tunnel inside a carrier as it would block necessary ventilation.

My biggest contribution to the industry is raising awareness among pet owners of how sound affects the behavior of their pets.

Janet Marlow, Founder and CEO Pet Acoustics Inc. (source)

How much do Pet Accoustics products cost?

As of January 2019, prices for the Pet Acoustics products on their website are:

$99 for the Safe & Sound Cat Crate Liner, $149 for the Safe & Sound Cat Tunnel, and $149 for the Safe & Sound Pet Bed

Should you buy the Safe & Sound bed, carrier liner or tunnel?

Should you buy one of the Pet Acoustics cat calming products beds? That depends on your pet. Here’s the pros and cons:


  • Unique from other calming solutions on the market
  • Easy to use
  • Designed for travel
  • Works for cats or dogs
  • Can be used in conjunction with other calming products


  • Expensive
  • Some cats may not like the texture and need an additional blanket
  • Cat Tunnel can’t be used in a cat carrier because it would block ventilation

Like most cat owners, the most important thing is the ability to communicate with your cat. Modern life moves at a fast pace and cat parents often have busy noisy lives. As a loving cat owner, don’t forget that it is your responsibility to ensure your cat’s safety and well-being. If you see that your cat becomes stressed from noises, The Pet Acoustics products are a great way to create a cat calming environment at home and when traveling. Less can anxiety will allow you to create a comfortable calming environment at home and on trips with your feline friend.

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  1. I’ve never heard of one of these before but it sounds like such a good idea! My cat is pretty chilled out when it comes to traveling but I’ve seen other pets become anxious and aggressive so anything that helps them to have a better trip is no bad thing 🙂 I might point a few of my friends in this direction x

  2. I definitely need to get one of these for my next tips. Next time I believe my cat will not be as anxious as she was last time. She made a lot of mess when I tied her to the seat belt in back seat. My cars still has those scratch marks 😛


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