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Behind the scenes:

Barkytech.com is digital magazine focused on pettech stories, reviews and trends that help tech-savvy pet owners optimize their pets’ digital lives. We write about doggytech, kittytech, birdytech, bunnytech, and more. From petcare apps to pet gadgets to the latest digital pet services, Barkytech covers all the must-have pettech and pet technology.

Topics we're totally obsessed with:

  • Smart pet toys
  • Electronic pet gadgets
  • Digital vet/Pet health
  • Pet E-commerce
  • Pet subscription services
  • Mobile apps for pet owners
  • Pet cameras
  • Pet wearables
  • Electronic pet feeders and treat dispensers
  • Online booking for pet services
  • Our team:

    Steven Johnson


    Steve is a patient cat whisperer who speaks both alley cat and purebred cat. Steve is based out of San Jose but frequently travels with his leash-trained cats Luna and Cali.

    Katherine Reynolds


    Kate has been a dog person since she was a small girl and put herself through college as a dog walker. Kate lives in Brooklyn and can often be found playing fetch in Prospect Park with her dog Batman.

    L. Dolin


    L. Dolin is publisher at Allie Tech Media, LLC and handles the business and operational side of the website.

    Get in touch:

    If you are a writer proposing an article about pettech, please contact [email protected]. All submitted articles must be accompanied by photos. Writers who submit articles receive a featured bio with a link back to your personal website and socials. We DO NOT accept articles that are not related to pet technology or one of the editorial categories we cover.

    As of Feb 2023, we're particularly keen to receive the following types of submissions:

  • personal story narratives with pictures about you and your pet using pet technology
  • articles from vets, veterinary assistants, and professional pet sitters about their experiences with pet technology
  • photos of pets enjoying pet gadgets
  • interviews with founders of pet technology companies
  • Errors and Omissions:

    Although Barkytech's goal is to provide useful info and photos on our website, it may nonetheless sometimes contain errors. Pet technology is a rapidly changing category where products and companies change frequently. In addition, our articles, stories, personas, and images are intended provide entertaining experiences and may sometimes contain AI-enhanced elements designed to optimize the reader experience.

    If you see an inaccuracy about a product or service, please contact [email protected]. When contacting us, please identify which on which page you see the mistake and provide the info needed for us to make the correction.

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