doggytechHolly & Hugo online dog training offers affordability and variety

Holly & Hugo online dog training offers affordability and variety

Online dog training classes that teach bonding and understanding with expert-backed content

With so many great dog trainers in NY, I never thought I’d be writing an article trying to convince people to buy an online dog training course (especially from a company based in the UK!). But the pandemic changes perspectives.

When I first adopted Batman, my black lab, I was nervous about training him to be well behaved. I live in a Brooklyn apartment and my landlord lives in the same building. It’s not the sort of place where I could get away with having a misbehaving pet.

There are lots of free dog training resources on the web but also a lot of expensive dog training classes. I was looking for interactive dog training classes that I could do from home. I found Holly & Hugo, an online pet training platform out of the UK. It was the perfect solution for me.

Whether you’re a fellow dog mommy trying to decode those puppy eyes or an aspiring professional dog groomer, Holly & Hugo is an interesting option. But with Batman’s wagging tail as my witness, was it worth it? Let’s dive in and find out.

man training his dog to give a high five

Holly and Hugo Dog Training Course Overview

Holly & Hugo is an online platform that offers a bunch of different online pet courses tailored for both pet owners and professionals. From understanding the core behaviors of dogs to mastering the art of grooming, the platform covers a broad spectrum of animal-related topics. Designed with the modern pet enthusiast in mind, these courses cater to everyone – from the new puppy owner to the dedicated dog trainer.

Holly and Hugo’s dog education courses aren’t just based on whims; they’re grounded in the science of canine behavior. By emphasizing reward-based training, they ensure a positive and reinforcing learning environment for our four-legged pals. What truly stands out is Holly and Hugo’s focus on understanding dog communication, from body language to vocal cues. With Holly and Hugo, you’re not just dog training; you’re connecting, using techniques backed by solid research.

Instead of the old “do as I say” method, they champion reward-based training. As someone training a beloved family member, I found it much more my style than the strict dog training methods from some other companies. They’ve cracked the doggy code, teaching us how our pups communicate through tail wags, barks, and those curious sniffs. 

Holly and Hugo logo on orange background

Key Features of Holly and Hugo

  • Comprehensive Dog Training options: Holly & Hugo’s courses are ‘meticulously’ crafted, covering a wide range of topics. Whether you’re looking to understand your pet’s dietary needs or master advanced grooming techniques, there’s a course for every need. The content is not just informative but also engaging, making sure learners remain hooked till the end.
    Usage: Perfect for both beginners and professionals looking to expand their knowledge.
    Benefits: Gain deep knowledge on various pet care topics.
    Drawbacks: With so many courses, one might feel overwhelmed with choices.
  • Expert-Created Content: Collaborating with veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and dog groomers, Holly & Hugo double checks that the content is both accurate and up-to-date.
    Usage: For those who value expert opinions and insights.
    Benefits: Reliable and trustworthy content.
    Drawbacks: Some might prefer more community-driven insights.
  • Interactive Learning Experience: The online training platform isn’t just about passive learning. With video tutorials, quizzes, and practical assignments, the classes will keep you entertained and engaged.
    Usage: Ideal for those who prefer a hands-on approach to learning.
    Benefits: Ensures better retention and understanding of concepts.
    Drawbacks: Might be time-consuming for some.
  • Fun Specialty Classes: Unique classes that you won’t find in other places, such as cooking for your dog and designing dog clothes.
    Benefits: More entertaining than other services.
    Drawbacks: Extra cost for each class if you don’t buy their all access package.
  • Affordable Pricing with Discounts: Quality dog training education doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Holly & Hugo’s courses are reasonably priced and they usually offer pretty decent discounts.
    Usage: For budget-conscious learners who don’t want to compromise on quality.
    Benefits: Get the best value for your money.
    Drawbacks: Some might prefer a one-time payment for lifetime access.
  • Accreditation and Certification: All courses are ICOES accredited. Plus, on completion, students receive a certification, adding to their professional credentials.
    Usage: Helpful for those looking to turn their passion into a profession.
    Benefits: Might offer a competitive edge in the job market versus no training.
    Drawbacks: ICOES is not a well-known certification and might not impress vets or dog grooming business owners.
ICOES online training certification

Alternative Online Pet Training Services

While Holly & Hugo is a great choice, there are some competitors you could also consider. Check out our roundup of online dog training classes.

Sample Holly and Hugo Courses

basic dog training commands

Core Dog Training Classes

  • Dog Training Essentials: A foundational course that covers all the essential training techniques and practices for dogs. This is a good overview class
  • Puppy & New Dog Training: This course provides essential training techniques for new dog owners, ensuring a smooth transition for the puppy or new dog into their new home.
  • Dog Commands for Beginners: Ideal for new dog owners, this course introduces basic commands and how to effectively teach them to your dog.
  • Reward-Based Dog Training: Learn the benefits and techniques of reward-based training, which focuses on positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors.
  • Dog Walking Basics: A comprehensive guide for those looking to understand the essentials of dog walking, ensuring safety and enjoyment for both the dog and the walker.
  • Moderating Dog Behavior: This course offers insights into understanding and moderating challenging dog behaviors, ensuring a harmonious relationship between the dog and its owner.
  • Dog Socialization and Obedience Masterclass: Dive deep into the techniques of socializing dogs and ensuring they are obedient in various situations.
homemade dog treats class

Fun Specialty Classes

  • Become a Doggy Dessert Chef: This one is a great course if you have a dog with strict dietary needs or if you just love cooking and want to make sure your furry friend is eating the healthy and nutritious treats. It gives over 100 healthy recipes that your dog will love.

Clothes & Crafts for Your Pets: Learn how to create fun, functional and fashionable clothing items for your pet. This one teaches you how to create toys from simple household items that are perfect for playing – and bonding – with your pet.

Dog walker creating a pet side hustle with a dog training certification

Dog Training Courses designed for Professionals

  • Accredited Dog Walking Course: For those looking to take dog walking to a professional level, this accredited course provides all the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • Ultimate Guide To Dog Grooming: Learn the art and science of dog grooming, ensuring your dog looks and feels its best.
  • Animal Psychology: Delve into the minds of animals and understand their behaviors, emotions, and instincts.
  • Pet First Aid & CPR: Equip yourself with the knowledge to handle emergencies, providing first aid and CPR to pets in distress.
  • Careers with Animals: This course provides insights into various career opportunities in the animal care industry, helping individuals find a path that aligns with their passion for animals.
  • Animal Care Masterclass: A comprehensive course that covers all aspects of animal care, ensuring that individuals are equipped to provide the best care for animals in their care.
  • Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation: This course delves into the world of wildlife rescue, teaching individuals how to care for and rehabilitate injured or orphaned wild animals.
bring joy to an animal's life with online dog training classes

Pros / Cons of this online pet training platform


  • Wide range of online dog training courses catering to various pet care needs.
  • Expert-created content ensures reliability.
  • Interactive learning experience enhances retention.
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Extremely affordable pricing with frequent discounts.


  • Overwhelming class choices might confuse some casual users.
  • Doesn’t include community chat or forums.
  • Accreditation provider is not well-known
best dog grooming course - buy now


Holly & Hugo, with its comprehensive dog training courses and expert-backed content was just the tool I needed when I adopted my dog Batman. While I first used it as a refresher for basic training techniques, I’m into some of their more specialized classes such as baking dog treats and making dog fashions. Their platform isn’t just about training; it’s about understanding, bonding, and growing with your furry companion.

In the vast digital ocean of dog training courses, Holly & Hugo stands out like that perfect corner bodega. It was convenient, authentic, affordable and contains a surprising amount of variety. While there are many other noteworthy online dog training competitors, Holly & Hugo’s blend of affordability, variety, and expertise made it a great pick for me.

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