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3 Ways Animal Organizations Are Using Pet Technology

Pettech software for animal shelters and rescue organizations

While there are many types of pettech software that consumers can use to care for their pets, did you know that animal rescue organizations are also using pet software services to help them achieve their missions more efficiently?

Animal rescue organizations used to need to spend a lot of time on logistics and operational tasks. Now, organizations can automate and streamline many operational parts of their organization with customized pet software. This allows your organization to spend more time caring for animals and serving a larger and wider community of pet adopters.

1. Animal Fundraising Tools, such as Donorbox

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue’s fundraising page using Donorbox

To your mission, every animal rescue organization needs a source of funds. Between vet costs and ongoing pet care costs, running an animal shelter or rescue organization can get expensive. Many people who visit your website would be willing to support your mission if you make it easy for them to contribute. The best way to do that is with animal fundraising software – ideally one that is experienced with animal rescue fundraising.

One great example of animal rescue fundraising software is Donorbox. Donorbox is a web-based payment system for collecting donations. You get a donation page and connected widget that can be embedded into your website. Unlike standard payment processing systems, Donorbox is customized for donations, including features like allowing recurring donations, automatically sending tax receipts and suggested donation amounts.

Donorbox is also set up up to easily implement a variety of ways that animal rescue organizations can raise money. Check out their list of animal fundraising ideas.

2. Animal Shelter Management Systems, such as iShelters or Shelterluv

Animal shelter management software is a type of database software that helps rescue organization manage their pet care operations from intake to adoption. These systems are set up to help animal shelters manage the operational aspects of their business.

Typical features include management of intake, kennel care, foster programs, licensing, animal records include medical records, transportation coordination, vet care, and volunteers. Unlike generic databases, most animal shelter management software has features specifically designed for the unique needs of animal rescue organizations.

In addition to iShelters and Shelterluv, there are dozens of other choices. See our comprehensive list of animal shelter management software options.

3. Adoption Promotion Services, such as Petfinder Pro is one of the largest searchable databases of adoptable pets. Petfinder Pro is the business-side of the service which allows animal shelters to upload their available pets to the database and gain more exposure. These days, participation on Petfinder is a “must” for any animal rescue organization due to the large size of Petfinder’s audience.

After signing up, a shelter can post information about adoptable pets with photos and videos, share on social media, track pet inquiries and then ultimate, celebrate success by marking the pet as adopted. Shelters and adoption groups that use Petfinder have reported that more than 40% of their adoptions are from Petfinder. They also report that pets adopted via Petfinder are returned less often. Those are some pretty powerful benefits.

What do you think?

Do you run an animal rescue organization? What types of pettech software does your animal shelter use?


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