doggytechBest Doggie Daycare Places to Follow on Instagram

Best Doggie Daycare Places to Follow on Instagram

Doggy Daycares with irresistible social media streams

If you’re a dog lover like us, your social media feeds will quickly become saturated with the antics of your friends’ puppies. We love to spend hours looking at pet pictures online because those silly happy doggie faces make us feel good.

If you need a bit more puppy love in your life, we have the solution for you. Rather than following yet another bogus social media account posting stock photography photos or the same old memes or an over-styled celebrity pet, wouldn’t it be nice to see stories and photos of real dogs? You can! Following the best doggie daycares will give you that authentic social media fix you are seeking.

Many doggie daycare places post frequent pictures and videos to social media so their owners can follow along with the goings on of the day. While many feeds aren’t that interesting if your dog isn’t at the establishment, there are some particularly great feeds which are fun to follow – even if your beloved puppy isn’t currently at the facility.

How did we pick?

How did we determine the best doggie daycare social media accounts for our list? We looked at three factors:

  • First, we looked for accounts with great personalities, striking imagery or entertaining video. We wanted to find accounts that would make you smile in the middle of your day. Well, we know that any feed featuring cute stock photography puppies can make you smile, but you’d love knowing that the stories and images by the doggie daycare centers our list are real dogs having real moments of joy.
  • Next, we also screened for quality of service. We read through all their customer comments and reviews to find doggie services that are well loved by their patrons. After all, one of the practical reasons for checking out the social profiles of a dog service is to decide if we want to use their service. While we haven’t personally used all of these doggie daycare centers across the globe, we’d definitely want to try them out.
  • Finally, we tried to find a doggie daycare centers from different cities around the world that were offering something unique in their social feeds. Whether it’s the transporting experience, like the woodland pictures from Duncans or the pure glee of the Happy Tails posts, we guarantee following these doggie daycares are worth your time.

Follow these best doggie daycare social media accounts and enjoy your daily peek into a fun puppy party:

Bruce’s Country Hills (AKA Buddies Doggy Daycare) – London, UK

When you’re stuck inside the office with recycled air, it’s refreshing to peek at the Buddies Doggy Daycare feed and pretend you’re also breathing in the fresh air those frolicking dogs are enjoying.

Picking up dogs from central London, Buddies transports them out to their 16-acre doggie daycare in the Hertfordshire countryside. There, the dogs run around playing in grassy fields, sandboxes, and kiddie pools. The expressions they capture of dogs climbing on logs, running through the long grass, and playing in the snow are pure freedom.

Happy Tails Resorts – Norfolk, Virginia, USA

In Virginia USA, a couple hours south of Washington DC, is the Happy Tails Resort that shares some of the best videos of dogs playing in a pool that you can find on the web. Because some days you just need to watch a tiny Boston Terrier in his little life vest push a huge orange ball around a swimming pool.

Happy Tails also shares some great shots of dogs playing with the water from a garden hose, but it’s the pure glee you see from the dogs leaping into the pool that brings a huge grin to our face. It’s almost enough to make you wish it was a resort for humans instead of just for dogs.

The Farm for Dogs – Sydney, AU

The Farm for Dogs runs daily trips out to a suburban farm for lucky pooches who live in Sydney Australia.  Their trips are designed to give city dogs a “country dog experience,” complete with grassy fields and splashing around in a pond.

Out at the farm, days are filled with games of chase around the yard and the occasional visits from the horses and tractors next door. The Doggy Daycare Farm Trip team has a knack for capturing the action shot. You’d think the dogs in their charge were training for the Olympics!

What do you think?

What doggie social media accounts do you follow? Did we miss any doggie daycares with awesome social feeds?


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