doggytechBuying Guide: Best Dog Collar Subscriptions

Buying Guide: Best Dog Collar Subscriptions

The best monthly subscription clubs for dog collars, dog bandanas and other dog wearables

Dog gift box subscriptions featuring fashion accessories are some of the most entertaining types of dog gift box subscriptions you can buy. There’s something so fun about going to your mailbox and finding a cute new collar or bandana for your pooch. And fashion also makes a great gift idea since, unlike food subscriptions, you don’t need to know the nitty gritty details about your friend’s dog’s eating habits to get them a monthly box they will enjoy.

Let’s be honest. Does your dog care what color his collar is? He can’t even see it since it’s around his neck. Dogs are not known for staring at themselves in mirrors (although we’re sure that there are a few out there that do!) Dog fashion is for building connection between humans and their dogs. Your dog may not know that the polka dot collar is cuter than the plain one, but he knows that you like giving him the polka dot collar. And your love is everything to him.

If enjoy getting your dog’s fashion game on point, you know it can be hard to find high-quality bandanas and bow ties at your local pet shop. Then, once you’ve found quality dog accessories, there’s probably only a small selection of colors and patterns available, right? You might even see the exact same collar on the dog next door.

Oh, the embarrassment of having your doggie caught at the dog park wearing the same outfit as his friends. Cue flashback to being caught in the same party dress as your friend in high school! Never fear: e-commerce technology offers the perfect solution.

Why not try a fashion dog gift box subscription? For a monthly fee, you get a regular delivery of beautiful quality and unique pet accessories delivered right to your home. Imagine the joy you’ll share with your dog each month when you open up your monthly gift box together.

Top Dog Collar Subscription Boxes

To help you find the best doggy fashion subscription box for you, we’ve rounded up the best dog gift box subscriptions that offer collars, bandanas and accessories.

1. Get Wagging

Get Wagging is a super cool initiative with an environmentally-friendly and charity element. Each month, you receive a high-quality collar and a 5-foot leash.

But here’s the best part. Each month, you return the gently used collar you received the previous month. This then gets given to a rescue pup. It’s a win-win-win situation. Your beloved dog gets a splendid new collar, the previous collar is upcycled, and that upcycling is given to a needy rescue dog.

What a great way to spread the love and have your pup looking fashionable with his swanky new collar every month! To make sure that the leash fits perfectly, you can specify your dog’s size on the order.

2. Max and Neo Collar Club

The guys at Max and Neo Collar Club care about rescue pups. Unlike Get Wagging that donates gently used collars, Max & Neo match every purchase one-for-one, sending a brand new collar to rescue foundations for every collar purchased. We like that – it reminds us a bit of the TOMS Shoes buy-one pair, give-one pair model.

Unlike Max and Neo offers either a regular collar or a martingale style collar. So Max and Neo is the choice if your dog is prone to pulling, has a narrow head or you just need more control.

The subscription for your collar is $15 bucks a month. But, the best part about Max & Neo is knowing that your purchase helped a pup in need, preventing them from having a piece of string, wire or chain around their necks instead of a dog-friendly collar.

3. Polka Dot Tails

Do you like handmade products? We do too. Polka Dot Tails is an Etsy-based provider that handmakes whimsical and fun dog collars with a ribbon texture. They also offer cloth flowers which attach to a collar which is a super pretty option if you have a girl dog.

We’d recommend going for the options with a flower or bow tie for the full doggie fashionista experience.

Polka Dot Tails is a small seller which means you get a handmade handcrafted item. This means their collar cover patterns are very unique. Many of the collars have brighter and more interesting patterns than the standard stripes and dot patterns you see in some other boxes. By selecting a small specialty crafter, you’re highly unlikely to see the same collar on your neighbor’s dog.


These dog gift box subscription options all have their own pros and cons. To summarize:

Get WaggingCollar + LeashUpcycling after use
Polka Dot TailsChoose collars and embellishmentsHandmade
Max & Neo Collar ClubCollarsBuy One – Give One

You’ll have a hard time choosing between all these monthly boxes offering doggy fashion. All of them will have your pooch looking dapper and swanky. Which dog gift box subscription is right for you?


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