Using the Tailio Smart Litter Box to Track Your Cat’s Health

This may be the easiest way to track your cat's litter box habits

Kitten sitting in Tailio smart health monitor for cats

How can you know when your cat is sick? It is difficult to answer this question because your cat can not tell you when it is sick. And their nature even makes it more difficult to know when they are sick. Talio smart litter box monitoring system is a unique tool from a small start up company. It’s an interesting alternative to other litter box gadgets.

Cats are very good at hiding their sickness. In many cases, the symptoms of the disease may not be noticable until the condition becomes almost fatal. For example, with some types of cancer, you may not have idea that your cat is sick until it is too late.

That’s why a San Diego company called Pet Wireless has designed a smart litter box known as Tailio for cats.

What is Tailio?

Tailio is a smart litter box monitoring system that helps cat owners know when their cats needs care. Tailio measures your cat’s weight, waste and urinating behavior and sends the data to your smart phone. The Tailio smart litter box monitor is very easy to use. Simply place the device under the cat litter box and download the mobile application. The algorithm runs in the background to identify and monitor the cat, as your cat goes about business as normal.

Tailio is not only a smart litter box for your kitty. It also monitors their weight and litter box visiting patterns to determine their normal habits. When something seems wrong, the device will send alerts on your smartphone so you can act accordingly. You know immediately if the cat is not feeling fine and when the litter box needs cleaning and attention.

Tailio can help detect early, life-threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes, and more. Finally, there is a way to monitor how our stoic little feline friends are feeling, without having to guess. According to a the Bayer Animal Health Veterinary Care Usage study, cats only visit the vet .7 times a year versus 1.7 times per year for dogs. It’s not that cats aren’t getting sick, it’s that they don’t exhibit the same outward signs of pain that humans and dogs do.

Place Tailio on top of your box and then scoop and clean as usual. Easy to clean, non skid top, splash resistant, wifi enabled.

What are the key features of Tailio?

Here are some of the features that make this a unique pet gadget:

  • This smart cat litter box health monitor calculates more than a dozen parameters. These parameters characterize individual cat’s physiology, litter box habits, behaviors, and detect trends and changes that can be caused by general cat diseases.
  • Tailio is unobtrusive. The device does not move, make sounds, vibrate, flash or produce odors. The anti-slip mat on top ensures that the litter box doesn’t move and the Wi-Fi connection is deactivated while the cat is in the box.
  • Another important feature that makes the Tailio smart litter box a unique pet gadget is the feature known as “vet report”. Once the button is touched, it creates a PDF file as an email attachment and sends it to as many email addresses as you need.

Tailio mobile app for cats

The mobile app will send you alerts based on each cat’s litter box usage. It will also remind you to clean the box. Just the kind of notification you want to get on your phone in the middle of dinner, right?

The mobile app has a number of different features. You create an individual profile for each of your cats. Then, the Tailio smart litter box will track which pet is using the box using its weight and behavior.

You can also set reminders for giving medicine or feeding and the app has a library of health info. Since the project began via Kickstarter, there’s a community built in.

Cats are frequently much sicker than dogs when they visit the vet, because it’s often very difficult to know they’re having issues. Talio is serious technology that will change the game, reduce suffering and save lives .

Dr. Mark Goldstein, DVM, former CEO, San Diego Humane Society (source)

How much does Tailio cost?

Tailio was originally for sale via their Kickstarter project but they subsequently got their company website set up. When we last checked in February 2019, their webshop was down, but you can email the company at [email protected] to learn more.

Siamese cat uses Tailio smart litter box

Should you buy the Tailio litter box monitor?

Should you buy the Tailio litter box health monitor for cats? Here’s the pros and cons:


  • Thoughtful unique concept
  • Good for multi-cat households
  • Works with existing litter box
  • Low profile that should work for senior cats


  • Small company creates risk of product longevity
  • Some app features often don't work properly
  • Doesn't clean the box for you like automatic litter boxes

As cat owners, we tend to have some things in common. One of these things is the desire to provide our little furry friends with the best life they can enjoy. To do this, we need to arm ourselves with the best and most recent information about common health problems that our feline face.

Among all the new pettech products for cats that we’ve in the past years, smart litter boxes have the best potential to change cat’s life to the best. Although Tailio will never replace an observant owner who is tuned in to his/her cat, it’s a nice tool to assist busy owners. Not even the most dedicated cat owner can keep track of everything and subtle changes can be hard to see on a day to day basis. The Tailio smart litter box can help you be a better cat owner (or servant!) by tracking some of the hardest things to monitor.

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